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Ravager Black Lightsaber

  • A black Lightsaber mixing intimidation and destruction: the Ravager

    Myth has it that this lightsaber belonged to a powerful lord who spread chaos and despair in his path... Designed to awaken your dark and destructive side, the Ravager is one of our most popular swords among our warriors.

    With an understated yet eccentric design on its tip, this lightsaber is only worthy of being wielded by an expert in the art of combat. Made from black anodized aluminum, its light weight provides an excellent grip.

    This luminous and sound lightsaber is equipped with a 12 watt multi-color RBG LED and a sound system. This allows you to customize your saber for both color and sound among all available settings.

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under the supervision of an adult.

Lightsaber designed for combat. Resistant polycarbonate blade.

10+ interchangeable colors with the adjustment knob. RGB lightsaber.

Sound system synchronized with the movements and impacts of the sword.

Anodized aluminum handle for long lasting use.

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