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Coupler for Double Lightsaber

  • Make your own double lightsaber!

    This metal coupler allows you to combine two compatible lightsabers to create an authentic double lightsaber!
    The lightsaber coupler is therefore a perfect accessory for those who want to confront each other with twice the chance of winning the duel.
    For the connector to fit, your handle simply needs to have a thread on the bottom end.

    Information: The Golden Hope Lightsaber requires a special coupler and can only be connected to another Golden Hope. The special coupler will be sent to anyone ordering this model in 2 copies.

Lightsaber designed for combat. Resistant polycarbonate blade.

10+ interchangeable colors with the adjustment knob. RGB lightsaber.

Sound system synchronized with the movements and impacts of the sword.

Anodized aluminum handle for long lasting use.

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