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Legendary Lightsaber

  • The second lightsaber of the one who left the dark side to join the light

    Based entirely on Darth Revan's second purple lightsaber, this collector's item is as spectacular as it is handy. The relief of the handle offers a very good hold once in the hands. This makes it an excellent asset for dueling sports or choreography.

    Darth Revan's second lightsaber made a big impression because it is one of the few blades that is purple.
    The DARK-R V2 Legendary lightsaber is equipped with an RGB kit, which allows it to produce not only purple, but also more than 10 other blade colors.

    The light settings, as well as the choice of the many sound effects, are done with the main button on the handle. This allows you to completely change the appearance of the blade and the sounds in an instant, while respecting the mechanics of the lightsaber.

    Warning: This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under the supervision of an adult.

Lightsaber designed for combat. Resistant polycarbonate blade.

10+ interchangeable colors with the adjustment knob. RGB lightsaber.

Sound system synchronized with the movements and impacts of the sword.

Anodized aluminum handle for long lasting use.

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