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Golden Hope

  • The Golden Hope, the Lightsaber that represents the hope of a peaceful future...

    Designed in silver anodized aluminum, the Golden Hope is a lightsaber that is positioned on the bright side. The reflections offered by the silver and the touches of gold sublimate the handle of a particularly attractive design. This saber was designed with the ambition to combine futurism and quintessential good.

    The handle is once again accompanied by a durable polycarbonate blade. This allows it to be used for epic duels. Polycarbonate is the reference material used for the FFF (French Fencing Federation) competition lightsaber.

    This same blade will also allow the diffusion of more than 10 different interchangeable colors thanks to the adjustment button (RGB technology). You will be able to embody the good side as well as the evil side thanks to this new lightsaber.

    The sound system is synchronized with the movements of the sword in order to have a total and realistic immersion. The impacts with the blade will produce a sound and a flash of color faithful to the saga. 10 different sound fonts are integrated.

    Coupler Compatibility : The Golden Hope is the only model on our site that can only be paired with another Golden Hope using a unique coupler. The special coupler is sent to everyone who orders 2 Golden Hope.

    Warning : This sword is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Use of a lightsaber by younger children should be under the supervision of an adult.

Lightsaber designed for combat. Resistant polycarbonate blade.

10+ interchangeable colors with the adjustment knob. RGB lightsaber.

Sound system synchronized with the movements and impacts of the sword.

Anodized aluminum handle for long lasting use.

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