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Master Yoda's Green Lightsaber

June 08, 2022 4 min read

Master Yoda's Green Lightsaber

One of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, Yoda, is the quintessential old sage. His role as a mentor has led him to prove his abilities through the Force and his lightsaber battles. However, Yoda did not often brandish his lightsaber in the saga. The Jedi with his cane has declared to avoid violence as much as possible, in favor of more peaceful alternatives.

Despite this, Yoda's lightsaber, like many others, is rich with interesting references and features. You will learn that his lightsaber had a tragic end. Not many people know about this... Moreover, you will discover all the information about the weapon of the one who became the strongest of the Jedi Order !

"A great warrior? Nobody becomes great through war."

Master Yoda

Presentation of Master Yoda's Lightsaber

Master Yoda's lightsaber hilt

Yoda's lightsaber is characterized by its small size, whether it is its chrome and black handle or its green plasma blade. Like its wielder, this short lightsaber is of the Shoto type. This is a category of shrunken lightsaber that is rarely seen. Master Yoda built this weapon under the supervision of Huyang, a droid architect who has extensive knowledge of Jedi lightsabers stored within him..

Inside the handle of the lightsaber is a green Adegan crystal recovered from the planet Ossus. It is this Kyber crystal used by many Jedi that gives the lightsaber blade its emerald color. To wield his short blade, Yoda must draw the hilt that he holds on his belt.

Which Lightsaber Combat Form does Yoda practice ?

Master Yoda uses form IV: Ataru with the lightsaber. Although terribly effective, this lightsaber form requires great endurance. Both mental and physical resources are stretched to the limit to put it into action. This style of combat allows for breathtaking duels as it includes acrobatic figures such as jumps, quick movements and bursts of blows. The whole thing is punctuated by a lot of speed. !

Yoda fighting with his green lightsaber

Yoda's Lightsaber Confrontations in the Star Wars Movies

Fans of the Star Wars saga appreciate above all the lightsabers when they are used in epic battles. As we told you, Yoda makes sure to use his lightsaber as little as possible. So let's relive together the only 2 real fights the Jedi Master offered us !

Yoda versus Count Dooku

In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, as the Battle of Geonosis rages, Yoda confronts Count Dooku, his former Padawan. While the Clone Wars are declared, Master Yoda shows great superiority with the lightsaber. He dominates his opponent to such an extent that Dooku is forced to flee. He attacks Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, forcing Yoda to come and save them with his mastery of the Force. The rescue of the Jedi Master gives Darth Tyranus enough time to leave with his ship.

Yoda versus Darth Sidious

This time, it's in Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith that we can admire Yoda fighting with dexterity against Sheev Palpatine. The duel takes place in the Galactic Senate building where a torrent of blows is unleashed. Despite his skills with the lightsaber, the weapon falls from Yoda's hands. She is thrown to the back of the room by Darth Sidious' Force Lightning. The fight did not start in Yoda's favor and the green character with the long ears will eventually leave the scene, leaving the confrontation in suspense.

How did Yoda's Lightsaber disappear ?

Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda made a speech about the Jedi being detrimental to the common good. He called their lightsabers "instruments of oppression". After holding up Yoda's lightsaber, he tossed it into a receptacle containing several other Jedi lightsabers. These are then incinerated, causing the Kyber crystals to explode. This unseen scene is present at the beginning of volume 1 of the comic book Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith.

Yoda's lightsaber burning

Although Yoda is an extremely powerful character, we saw very little of his weapon. However, his rare appearances allowed us to see an impressive show. His agility as a wielder and his mastery of the lightsaber make for some truly dynamic combat. Not to mention his use of the Force which adds another reason to appreciate his duels.

The Star Wars universe being particularly rich, it allowed us to trace some characteristics of Yoda's saber. Thus, how Yoda's weapon ended up is a rather unknown information to the general public. To find it, one should not be afraid to go and look in the off-series. And this is where we come in !

But having exclusive information may not be enough for you. And if you want to have a real green lightsaber like Master Yoda's, we recommend you to go and see our own lightsabers. Since they produce more than 10 interchangeable colors, you will obviously be able to have a green one..

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