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18 Types of Lightsabers Deciphered

May 19, 2021 10 min read

Types of Lightsabers

The Star Wars saga has established an important rule: In the galaxy, history is written through battles fought with lightsabers...

You probably know that not all lightsabers are the same. This may be due to the shape, special properties or the color that emanates from the lightsaber. We have decided to highlight in this article no less than 18 types of lightsabers that can be found in Star Wars.

Whether it's the trilogies, the video games, the animated series or any other ancillary content, we've scoured everything we could to bring you only the best. On the dark side and the light side, there are some nuggets in terms of weapons that you certainly missed.

Don't move dear space explorer and make yourself comfortable because today we are going to study together 18 of the different types of lightsabers that can be found in the Star Wars universe. You will be able to expand your lightsaber knowledge and get to know new fighting styles that you might not have known existed.



Before obtaining the lightsabers we know today, it took a great technological advance. Indeed, the Proto-Saber is the first version of the standard lightsaber. The plasma had very high power requirements, which required additional power packs attached to the belt. These power packs were connected to the hilt of the saber by a cord, making movement very limited. We invite you to read the article about the possibility of creating a real Star Wars lightsaber. In this one, you will discover the first real Proto-Saber made by a crazy youtuber !

Although a significant advance over the highly unstable primary lightsabers, the proto-sabers were eventually rendered obsolete. This is due to the miniaturization of the power cells and the inclusion of superconducting technology that allows the beam energy to return to the hilt. This phenomenon causing a loop that prevents the loss of energy when interrupted.


Standard Lightsaber

The single-bladed lightsaber is the most classic type of lightsaber. It is composed of a straight handle of about 20 to 30 centimeters long and a blade of 130 cm. This is the type of weapon used by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, and many others. The single-bladed lightsaber has been used by the most powerful Jedi and Sith in the entire universe, making this type of saber extremely valuable.

Since the training lightsaber that young Jedi train with is a less dangerous version of the single-blade lightsaber, it is only natural that most Jedi would choose this weapon when they become full-fledged fighters. They trained with this type of weapon all their lives, so why change ?


Shoto Lightsaber

Shoto is the nickname given to a shorter-than-average type of lightsaber that offers comfort and agility to those who wield it. Unlike the training lightsaber which is also a smaller version, the Shoto is a fully functional weapon designed for smaller people or creatures. The simplest example of the Shoto wielder is of course Master Yoda with his green lightsaber.

The Shoto lightsaber is also used by fighters in situations where a combination of dual purpose weapons is appropriate. Ahsoka Tano, for example, uses a pair of shorter lightsabers to fight certain battles in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Featuring a narrowed saber blade and a smaller handle, this small lightsaber is often used as a secondary weapon in two-blade combat. This is because the shorter blade length makes it easier to handle with the less agile hand. It also makes the duel more intense.


Great Lightsaber

The Great Lightsaber is the complete opposite of a Shoto: it is a standard single-blade lightsaber, with a much longer blade and an extended hilt. Designed for larger than average people and creatures, the blade of the Great Lightsaber can be up to 3 meters long.

One example of creatures that need to wield such a weapon is the Gorcs, who were first introduced in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces. These are the Star Wars versions of the fantasy beasts known as Orcs. It would be awkward for Gorcs of this size to wield a medium-sized lightsaber made for people at least three times their size. The large lightsaber was therefore created for larger beings.


Double Phase Lightsaber

Made popular in the Jedi Academy trilogy of novels, the Dual Phase Lightsaber is an unusual type of single blade lightsaber. Using a more complex crystal system, it allows the blade to grow twice as long as its original length, from 1.5 meters to 3 meters! The surprising extra length of the blade often serves as an intimidation to opponents, but it also allows fighters to attack from a greater distance.

The handle of the dual phase lightsaber is shaped like a standard lightsaber and only one activation is required to turn the saber on. While most lightsabers have a built-in thumbwheel length adjustment, the Dual Phase Lightsabers have preset length adjustments, allowing for very quick transitions.

The dual phase lightsaber was designed early in history for use in duels. Its most common use is to go from a standard length to an increased length as a surprise tactic in combat to throw off an opponent and keep him at bay. Of course, this increase in blade length comes at the expense of maneuverability.


Curved Lightsaber

Another slight variation of the classic single-bladed lightsaber is the curved hilt lightsaber used by characters such as Count Dooku, Darth Bane and Tott Doneeta. The curved shape of the hilt makes it more difficult to build the lightsaber during the crystal alignment process. However, a curved lightsaber gives the wielder a better grip and allows for more precise movements during a lightsaber fight.

Indeed, this form of lightsaber allows the handle to better adapt to the palm of the hand, facilitating the use of one-handed fighting styles. In particular the Makashi with which one will try to provide a variable blade angle in order to destabilize the opponents.


Lightsaber Spade

The Lightsaber Spade is the first type of saber to have a yellow blade. These weapons have a much longer handle than usual and the handle is made of a material called phrik alloy. This is what makes it so resistant to other lightsabers. The blade is also much shorter and slightly thicker than standard blades. The most common wielders of these lightsabers are the Jedi temple guards who are sworn to protect the place from any threat.

With this in mind, it's important to note that lightsaber picks are generally intended to defend, not attack. So they don't do much harm to those who aren't trying to steal or destroy something inside the Jedi temple. They are a weapon of deterrence to keep the peace.


Qichani Lightsaber

Created by Jedi Master Qidak Aaia, the Qichani is a lightsaber attached to a very long staff wrapped in a material called cortosis fiber. This material is very strong and serves to protect the staff from the blades of lightsabers that could easily cut it.

The weapon is most often associated with the Echani martial arts technique and is also known as "The Way of the Dragon of Kell". It is a long-range polearm that consists of two parts: the staff and the lightsaber. They can easily be detached from each other.

The Qichani is mainly considered a lightsaber associated with the light side of the Force, but unfortunately it has never yet appeared in any of the Star Wars movies.


Lightsaber Cane

The Lightsaber Cane is a simple variant of the standard model, it is a lightsaber concealed in the form of a cane head. This makes it one of the most discreet weapons in the Star Wars universe.

In combat, the handle of the staff can easily detach, giving the user a much firmer grip on a short handle. Tera Sinube, a recurring character in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is a very notable wielder of this type of lightsaber, as is the Sith Haazen from Knights of the Old Republic. The lightsaber cane is ultimately very similar to the Qichani, but instead of being a staff, it is a cane.


Underwater Lightsaber

An underwater lightsaber is a single-bladed combat saber that has been modified to work underwater. Most lightsabers (single-bladed or not) shut down as soon as the blade touches the water's surface. In contrast, an underwater lightsaber is powered by two crystals that produce a special ignition pulse, allowing the blade to work even when submerged.

The best example anyone can give of someone wielding an underwater lightsaber is the Jedi Knight Kit Fisto. Specifically, it was in the animated series The Clone Wars that Kit Fisto's underwater lightsaber was seen in action, as the Jedi was in the midst of an impending civil war on the planet of Mon Cala.



The Darksaber is a truly legendary weapon. Unlike the others, it has an obsidian blade surrounded by a glittering white aura. It is much more like a sword than a lightsaber. Its angular handle is unique, as is the sound effect it emits, which is completely different from that of other lightsabers. This black saber was created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to become a Jedi.

Passed down from generation to generation, it eventually reached Pre Vizsla who appears in the animated series The Clone Wars. Although the Black Saber is a special weapon, it didn't stop Pre Vizsla from being killed by Darth Maul, stealing the weapon for himself. The last appearance of the Darksaber to date was in the season two finale episode of The Mandalorian. We can't wait to see more !


Lightsaber with Quillons

The famous quillon lightsaber is an ancient model of saber that was once very common among fighters. Its three-bladed design allows to protect the hands of its owner during a duel, and thus to have a significant advantage over his opponent.

This technique comes from an ancestral manufacturing process which consists in breaking and cracking the crystal present in each sword in order to create an imbalance, with the aim of increasing its power tenfold. To release this instability, it is necessary to divert the extra heat generated by it. This is why two feeding holes called quillons are grafted on each side of the handle, letting 2 small blades spring out in addition to the original one.

Although not commonly used by many Jedi and Sith, the quilted lightsaber was seen in the animated television series Star Wars Rebels, where Ezra Bridger came across a quilted lightsaber with a green blade. This type of weapon was only made famous by its recent appearance as Kylo Ren's Lightsaber in The Force Awakens. His was equipped with a powerful fiery red blade.


Interlocking Lightsaber

The Interlocking Lightsabers are a pair of curved-handled lightsabers that are designed to be used together. This is a combination of weapons that has been seen countless times in the hands of Asajj Ventress, who is part of the Sisters of the Night clan. This pair of swords can be linked together to become a double lightsaber, though they can also be used separately. Either way, it requires a very good fighting technique.

The greatest advantage of this combination is that its users can strike from surprising angles, while still being able to defend themselves during an attack. Asajj Ventress inherited his lightsabers from Komari Vosa, who himself was trained by Count Dooku, giving him a taste for curved-handled lightsabers.



Although it is a very rare type of lightsaber that has never been seen in the movies before, the Lightsaber has to be among the most powerful and dangerous types of weapons in the Star Wars universe. For the Jedi, the Whip-Laser requires special training because it is as risky for the opponent as it is for the user. An amputation can happen quickly !

Unlike the energy beam of the standard lightsaber, which looks like a straight blade, the laser whip emits a continuous beam of energy. It is much longer and fully malleable, like a whip.

It was mainly used to attack opponents from a distance and bring an element of unpredictability to the fight, as few fighters knew how to react to such a weapon.


Double Lightsaber

The Double Lightsaber also known as the Double Bladed Lightsaber was first seen by the general public in the hands of Darth Maul in the Phantom Menace. It was Maul's double-bladed lightsaber that killed Qui-Gon Jinn and nearly defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In addition to Darth Maul, other Force users who have used such a weapon include Exar Kun, Darth Zannah, and Pong Krell, whose four arms allowed him to use two double-bladed swords at once! Dual lightsaber combat requires great mastery of the weapon, as even the slightest mistake in handling it can be fatal to its owner. Despite this, the double-bladed lightsaber remains a formidable and terrifying weapon for the opponent.

While nothing beats combat skills and strong Force sensitivity, having a double-bladed lightsaber is certainly one of the best options for any Jedi or Sith. It allows for a broader defense, greater attack range, and a doubled chance of harming an enemy.


Rotating Lightsaber

If you thought Darth Maul's saber was the best, watch out, there is a rotating double-bladed lightsaber ! Designed and manufactured specifically for the Inquisitors, a group of dark side followers who enforced the will of the Galactic Empire. Its operation is simple: the handle is attached to a disc that contains the 2 laser emitters.

While the wielder simply holds the handle, the surrounding disc allows the blades to rotate in a high-speed circular motion. This makes it almost impossible for an opponent to hit the wielder. The weapon then forms a laser disk that is as difficult to counter as it is destabilizing. The handling of this type of combat lightsaber is much more complex and dangerous than a classic lightsaber.



The Tonfa Laser is a variant of the Shoto (the small lightsaber). Indeed, this lightsaber has an extended handle and a secondary handle that tilts 90 degrees, just like a classic tonfa used by law enforcement.

Due to the defensive nature of this type of weapon, it was recommended that the handle be machined from a lightsaber resistant phrik alloy. Even if the blade is disabled, this weapon is still useful as it can be used to strike an opponent or parry lightsaber blows.


Training Lightsaber

And finally, the weakest and most harmless type of Lightsaber is the one reserved for Jedi students: the Training Lightsaber. As the name implies, this lightsaber is only used to train the youngest apprentices to become Padawans, Jedi Knights and finally Jedi Masters.

Since they are wielded by children, only the properties of the blade are different from a standard lightsaber. Indeed, thanks to a clamping system, the blade cannot mortally wound a fighter. It can only inflict superficial burns, but still quite painful.

These blades are also much smaller and lighter. For this reason, there are many rules for using these lightsabers, including the fact that there must always be a Jedi Master in the room to supervise the children.

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